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Seven Simple Steps to Self-Publishing Success

The average indie author sells only a few hundred copies of their self-published book, mostly to friends and family. These meager results are largely due to a lack of knowledge and resources to publish a high-quality book that sells. There's tons of information and resources out there, but with so much to learn and endless options, it can be overwhelming, which makes it easy to make costly mistakes.

Not hiring an editor

Paying a vanity press 

Typesetting in Word

DIY cover design

Selling only on Amazon

No pre-release marketing

Selling instead of marketing

No branding strategy

I Stumbled So You Don't Have To

As a first-time indie author, I thought I knew it all. I did two years of research on the process before self-publishing my debut novel, but I still made mistakes! There are some things only experience can teach you, and I learned the hard way.

Despite my initial hardships, I went on to successfully self-publish five novels with professionalism and ease, creating a seamless process to produce high-quality, award-winning books, enjoyed by over 50,000 readers nationwide.

As Your Personal Self-Publishing Assistant, I am spilling the tea on my personal self-publishing experiences--the good, the bad, and the ugly--and teaching you how to skip over the stumbling blocks and avoid the trial and error process, so you can become a savvy self-publisher and sell a ton of books.

With this free eBook, you will avoid the common pitfalls of self-publishing and arm yourself with the knowledge to beat the odds and outsell the statistics. 

Avoid the Pitfalls of Self-Publishing       

Pre-launch marketing

Professional editing

How to keep 100% rights

Professional design

Pricing your book

Online distribution

Effective sales practices

Your Personal Self-Publishing Assistant

When I started my journey as a self-published author, I set out with a specific goal in mind: When laying my self-published book next to a traditionally published book, readers would not be able to tell the difference. I knew I didn't want my book to look self-published like so many of the other books I'd seen.

I was also passionate about my craft and determined to get my book into readers' hands. I knew I had to be creative and relentless in my pursuit to see results. And my hard work paid off! I went on to build a loyal readership, won national awards, and sold over 50,000 copies in just a few years.  I was also editing for other indie authors, when my clients began to ask me to do for them what I had done for myself and my books during my career as an author. I began assisting indie authors who had the passion but lacked the time, knowledge, or resources to produce a bestselling book on their own. And now, seven years later, I still use the same Seven Simple Steps to set my clients up for success.

Seven Simple Steps

You don't want to be the average self-publisher; you want to be a Savvy Self-Publisher, and that means doing it right! In just Seven Simple Steps, you will learn what it takes to self-publish a high-quality book that will sell! With this eBook, you will learn the following key elements:

If you're passionate about your craft and want to go far in this self-publishing game, you can't afford to make costly mistakes that will hinder your success. Over one million books were self-published last year, and the numbers are growing. And although it's more widely accepted than ever before, self-published books are still considered the stepchild to traditionally published books. You must set yourself apart from the average indie author by publishing a high-quality book that readers can trust. Your brand and your reputation as an author depend on it.

The Author


Monique D. Mensah is the principal and founder of Make Your Mark Publishing Solutions. She has helped hundreds of indie authors self-publish high-quality books by facilitating the self-publishing process from editing to print and everything in between. She is known for educating and entertaining her indie friends on social media with a witty, tell-it-like-it-is flare. She is passionate about the written word and dedicating to turning manuscripts into masterpieces.