Editing Services

We offer a la carte editorial services or as part of a self-publishing package. We accept both fiction and non-fiction projects. Please see below for a description of our services.  



$.008 per word

Your manuscript is reviewed to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We ensure that a consistent style is applied in areas such as capitalization, italicization, hyphenation, punctuation, and spelling. Proofreading involves correcting mistakes and inconsistencies only; it does not involve improving the writing style in any way. Proofreading is only done for manuscripts that have been professionally edited.



$.019 - $.041 per word

Your manuscript is thoroughly reviewed to include all elements covered in proofreading and also style and thematic integrity. This service includes sentence revision, finding synonyms and mixing up repeated words in the same sentence and paragraph, pruning unneeded words, and striving for clearer, more incisive communication. The editor strives for better, more exciting or precise expressions for what the author is trying to communicate. We also check for inconsistencies in the plot and work toward clarification and cohesiveness.



$.022 - $.043

Your manuscript is evaluated to include all elements of copy editing plus strengths/weaknesses in plot, theme, character development, voice, target audience, perspective, and critical/commercial appeal. This service includes an evaluation of the title, beginning, middle, end, character development, plot, pacing, dialogue, consistency, continuity, and other relevant aspects for strengths and areas for improvement. Your editor will suggest corrections, changes, areas to emphasize, areas to minimize, and other ways to enhance the commercial and critical appeal of your manuscript. 




We will complete a free three-page sample edit so we may determine your fee. The sample edit also allows you to see how our services may benefit you and improve your manuscript, so you can make an informed decision when deciding to work with us. You will receive your sample edit within three calendar days (excluding national holidays).

*We use Word's Tracked Changes for editing. Please submit your manuscript as a double-spaced Word document.

*A manuscript page is considered 8.5X11, one-inch margins all around, 12-point standard font (Times New Roman). 

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