Our team of expert editors are vets in the editing and publishing game, with over 30 years combined experience and more than 1,000 edited manuscripts.

They've edited books that have gone on to become national bestsellers, they've won impressive awards, and they've even written a few bestselling books themselves.

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Because we understand that editing is the most important step in the self-publishing process, each of our editors has passed a rigorous vetting process. We know that an expert editor from the Make Your Mark team is imperative to your success as an indie author. 

Editing is included in our self-publishing packages and  also offered a la carte. Scroll down to review our editing services and request a free sample edit and quote.


$.008 per word

Proofreading is included in our self-publishing packages as a final touch before publication. You'll have two sets of eyes on your manuscript for added reassurance.

Your manuscript is reviewed to correct errors in spelling, punctuation, and grammar. We ensure that a consistent style is applied in areas such as capitalization, italicization, hyphenation, punctuation, and spelling. Proofreading involves correcting mistakes and inconsistencies only; it does not involve improving the writing style in any way. Proofreading is only done for manuscripts that have been professionally edited.

Copy Editing

$.019 - $0.41 per word

Copy editing is included in our self-publishing packages, usually for more seasoned writers who don't need much developmental assistance. 

Your manuscript is thoroughly reviewed to include all elements covered in proofreading and also style and thematic integrity. This service includes sentence revision, finding synonyms and mixing up repeated words in the same sentence and paragraph, pruning unneeded words, and striving for clearer, more incisive communication. The editor strives for better, more exciting or precise expressions for what the author is trying to communicate. We also check for inconsistencies in the plot and work toward clarification and cohesiveness.

Developmental Editing

$.022 - $0.43 per word

Developmental editing is included in our self-publishing packages. It's a great choice for newer authors, with less writing experience and need a more hands-on approach to help develop the content. It includes copy editing. 

Your manuscript is evaluated to include all elements of copy editing plus strengths/weaknesses in plot, theme, character development, voice, target audience, perspective, and critical/commercial appeal. This service includes an evaluation of the title, beginning, middle, end, character development, plot, pacing, dialogue, consistency, continuity, and other relevant aspects for strengths and areas for improvement. Your editor will suggest corrections, changes, areas to emphasize, areas to minimize, and other ways to enhance the commercial and critical appeal of your manuscript. 

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Children's Books

(up to 1,000 words) $50

Your manuscript is evaluated to include all elements of copy editing plus strengths/weaknesses in theme, voice, target audience, perspective, and critical/commercial appeal. Your editor will suggest corrections, changes, areas to emphasize, areas to minimize, and other ways to enhance the commercial and critical appeal of your manuscript. 

Choosing Monique as an editor has been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a self-published author. I have had four books edited by Monique with future projects in store. Not only has it been a joy to share my work with an expert I trust, but I’ve also gained a writing mentor. Monique offers many resources catered to writers like myself. I find myself learning something new almost daily. I look forward to growing in the world of fiction as a seasoned author with Monique as editor. 

Brittanie Smith

Author of His and Hers

 It was clear to me that she actually took time to read the book and connect with the material—some editors just look for mistakes without ever internalizing what’s going on in the story. Because Monique was so thorough, she was able to even point out a few key inconsistencies in the story that I was able to easily resolve. If you are anything like me—an author who did her best but knows it can be even better with help, then Monique is the perfect partner for you. Don’t be afraid of her Tea! The truth doesn’t hurt as much as a book filled with errors. Believe me! 

KishaLynn Elliott

Author of Childish

After receiving the sample, I was sure I would be moving forward with the process with Monique as my developmental editor. I was convinced she could get the job done. The way she assisted in the structure and format of my work alone blew me away. She helped to strengthen, organize, and expand on parts of my story I thought I had thoroughly explained. She helped me deliver it to my readers in a compelling way. Monique was just what I needed to help me in the process of writing my debut. Monique is knowledgeable, efficient, and professional. Her services are highly endorsed by me!

Kenisha Anthony

Author of Labeled: Ward of the State

My overall experience was great! The attention Monique paid to detail was very impressive! She picked up on errors that someone not focused on my book would not have picked up on. She didn't hold back, and I appreciated that. She means well and won't sugar-coat her critique, which I think every author needs. I was referred to Make Your Mark’s page by a friend and watched Monique for three months before I contacted her. Everything she said on her page, she did. I'm so glad I contacted with Monique. I will definitely be a repeat customer and can recommend others with confidence!

Kevin Blaize

Author of Dogs of the Wild

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