How to Identify Your Target Reader on Instagram

Before you start any marketing plan to sell your book, make sure that you first identify your target reader and know where to find them. New authors often operate under the flawed conception that casting a wide net and hoping people will bite will get them more exposure and sales. This will not work. There are far too many authors and books out there for random people to pay attention to you, let alone buy your book, without a viable reason.

Besides, attracting the wrong type of reader will result in bad word of mouth and negative reviews because, although your book may be good, it isn’t meant for everyone.

When it comes to social media, specifically Instagram, there are over 800 million people on there. Don’t get lost in the crowd. You will need to narrow your focus, so you can attract the right people, who will be more inclined to like you and your book and want to buy it.

Narrowing your focus along with knowing your brand identity allows you to tailor your marketing approach to your target reader so you may better relate, communicate, and get your reader to buy into you.

Social media makes it a lot easier to find your ideal reader nowadays, but you must have a plan. Before making one post on your Instagram page, you must identify your target reader, so you’ll have some inkling as to what to post and for whom.

Ask yourself two questions: why did I write this book and who cares?

Evaluate your current readers, if you have them, and take note of what they all have in common. Follow and engage with authors who write in the same genre and look at their followers.

A few things you may want to know about your target reader:

  • Age

  • Gender

  • Location

  • Sexuality

  • Education

  • Occupation

  • Personality

  • Interests

  • Values

  • Behavior

Then think about how you can relate to those attributes of your target reader.

If you’re on Instagram searching for your readers, try following relevant hashtags that are directly related to your readers' interests. Use relevant hashtags related to those interests every time you post on social media. You have to be proactive. Go out and engage. Follow new people, comment and like their posts, drop into their DMs, let them know you're there. Chances are, they're going to visit your page out of curiosity, and if you have the right type of content that's geared toward your target reader, they're going to follow you back.