The Number One Thing Not to Do on Instagram as an Author

As a self-published author, before you can even get your money right, you have to first get your mind right. I know, as an author, you’re a creative, you’re an artist, you're a wordsmith, you’re a right-brainer, you’re an introvert! How do I know? Because I’m all of that, too, and as true as that may be, none of that will help you get book sales.

As a self-published author, you’re not only a creative and an artist, you’re also a business. And you may be a natural right-brainer and an introvert, which may make it a little more challenging for you to flip the switch, but the fact remains, you’re a business, and you need to act like it.

You want to sell books, right? Right.

All successful businesses, whether they’re multimillion-dollar corporations or mom-and-pop shops, have three things in common: They have clear goals, a strategy, and consistent execution. So without those three things, you’re not going to sell any books.

However, those three things aside, before anything else, you have to look the part of a business. You’re not just an author, you’re an authorpreneur! People can only do business with you if they know you’re on Instagram to do business. They can’t do business if your doors are closed. That means your Instagram author page should not be private under any circumstance. A private page says you’re closed for business. Who are you hiding from? What is so private? You’re a business with something to sell, but you’re hiding it from the people you want to sell it to. That doesn’t make much business sense.

A private page is a huge turnoff to your potential buyer and the number one thing NOT to do as an author on Instagram!

It takes people two seconds to decide whether they want to follow your page, and if they have to spend that two seconds sending a request to follow you, you’ve already lost them. The key to being a successful authorpreneur on Instagram is to make sure you do not hide from your customers.

If you already have a public Instagram page, I have some tips for you to make sure you’re in the right mindset and presenting yourself as a business.

Make sure your profile includes:

  • Your name (or pen name) - You are your brand, so your name should be clear and present as soon as someone looks at your page.

  • What you do - Your bio should state that you are an author

  • What you have to offer - Make a clear call to action, directing followers to click the link in your bio to receive the value you have to offer them.

These are just a few things you can do along with engaging with your readers and potential buyers.

Remember, you are a business, and you must conduct yourself as such if you want to be successful. Instagram is no longer a means for you to waste hours of your day being unproductive. Successful businesses don’t have time for that. Put purpose into everything you do when it comes to your business, even social media, and get your mind right, so you can get your money right and secure the BOOKbag!